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Business Internet Solutions

T1 Line

T1 Internet offers fast connection directly to the Internet. T1 internet connections are perfect for businesses that need high performance and reliability. Businesses with 10 or more employees accessing the internet typically require full T1 circuits. With speeds averaging 1.544 Mbps as well as multiple application usage including high capacity data transmission, email traffic, large files, or to host a web site, T1 lines are a popular choice amongst businesses.

  • Speeds 60x faster than residential lines
  • Fewer outages and downtime
  • Dedicated bandwidth for scalable capacity
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Combine voice and data on a single T1 line

To learn more about T1 internet connections CLICK HERE.


Ethernet is one of the most widely used local area network or LAN technologies available today. An Ethernet LAN typically uses coaxial cable or special grades of twisted pair wires. Ethernet is also used in wireless LANs. Devices are connected to the cable and compete for access using a Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection or CSMA/CD protocol.

  • Upgradable
  • Simple Installation
  • Adaptable
  • Fast

The most commonly installed Ethernet systems are called 100BASE-T also known as Fast Ethernet. This has become a popular choice for small businesses as it is a cost effective and fast internet option.

To learn more about Ethernet internet connections for your business CLICK HERE.

Cable Internet

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Reliable

Cable internet uses a cable television infrastructure, meaning the connection comes from a cable operator facility and connects to a modem to deliver the connection to the user. Cable internet systems can typically operate where the distance between the modem and the cable operator facility is located at or within 100 miles. The direction toward the user (Downstream) bit rates can be as much as 400Mbit/s for business connections, and 100Mbit/s for residential service. Traffic originating at the user (Upstream) bit rates range from 384kbit/s to more than 20Mbit/s.

To learn more about Cable internet connections CLICK HERE

Other Connections...

Fractional/Burstable DS3/T3
For customers who need more bandwidth, this fiber solution offers speeds of 10 Mbps to 45 Mbps over a dedicated fiber loop.

Full DS3/T3
The Full DS3, also known as a T3 offers a dedicated 45 Mbps internet connection using a DS3 45 Mbps fiber loop.

A dedicated access with a port speed of 155 Mbps using a OC3 fiber loop (equals 3x DS3).

OC12 - OC48
This dedicated fiber loop ranges from OC12 at 622 Mbps to OC48 at 2.4 Gbps.

Other network products

Dark Fiber
Using Point-to-Point Fiber you can connect two or more locations in a metropolitan area at speeds ranging from 20 Mbps to multi-Gig speeds.

Collocation is used to house servers and bring down bandwidth cost.

MPLS Networks
MPLS is a cost-effective way to connect multiple offices. It also allows prioritization of applications. MPLS is extremely effective for multilayer networks that use video and voice.

Point-to-Point / Private Line
A private line data service offers a dedicated circuit working between specific points. The service can operate using T1, DS3/T3 or even Ethernet.




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